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Where is your competition listed?

If you search for your products or services who’s website shows up? Chances are your competitors are holding the first few positions and are reaping the rewards.

Many of them have realized the power of SEO and are ranking for important keywords in the Jacksonville market. Through the search engines they are getting new clients every month.

Without SEO your website is pointless

Did you know that over 55% of your prospects will click on one of the first 3 search results in Google when searching for your product or service?

If you’re not listed in one of these 3 positions for relevant search terms the likelihood of your website being visited is slim to none.

What’s the point of spending $$$$ on a website that doesn’t receive visitors? That doesn’t hold any kind of ROI?

Without SEO you are missing out on new customers and major profits

Every month in Jacksonville there are thousands of people searching for the services you offer. But without being search engine optimized, they can’t find your website in the crowded search results.

How much profit are you currently leaving on the table because your prospects can’t find you online?


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Who We Are

Perspective Edge is Jacksonville’s premier SEO company. We specialize in search engine optimization, local Jacksonville SEO, website design and social media marketing.

We leverage a unique SEO methodology that combines the most up-to-date technical strategies and the time-tested marketing tactics that have been successfully working for businesses for the last century.

Working with you, we leverage your current website to show up in the first positions of the search results and can also enhance your other online properties to take over the first page of a search result. Imagine the value and increased revenue you could attain if your prospects were searching for your business’s product or services and your business was the only one they saw.

How Our SEO Process Works

We start the process by analyzing your current website.

We review any previous search engine optimization that was performed on your website in the past. We will confirm there are no penalties applied to your website due to low quality or spammy optimization. Penalties will greatly hinder your website’s search engine placement.

We also check for any website sabotage that might not have been previously undetected. Unscrupulous companies have been known to try intentionally to get their competitors penalized by search engines like Google through what’s called, “Negative SEO.”

Next, we will optimize your website according to the 27 on-page ranking factors we have determined that search engines are expecting.

If you don’t already have a website, then we will create you one from the ground up built on a solid marketing foundation. Our websites are not only designed to rank well in search engines, but also convert your visitors into profitable clientele.

Building Trust and Authority

After taking care of the on-site ranking factors, will be to begin building authority and trust to your website.

First, we will verify your business with Google My Business and build the appropriate social media accounts. The accounts we create will depend on the type of business you are in, but most often these will be Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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Next we will research your industry and competition to find the best online business citations such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, Manta and many others. Creating these citations will help your website rank in the Google snack pack. These are the businesses that show up when you do a search with a local keyword like, “Jacksonville Dentist.”

The snack pack is located near the top of the search results; often it will show up even before the first website listing. Websites in the snack pack show up first on mobile devices and are a great way to bring in new customers. Statistically when someone searches for a local type of business from their mobile device 88% of those people will go to or call one of the businesses they see in the snack pack within 24 hours.

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What’s Next?

After establishing this firm foundation, we have secured an extreme advantage over your competition. Many of your competitors have never implemented any form of strong optimization. Those who have attempted it either have done too much and received a search engine penalty, or they haven’t done enough which ends up being ineffective at ranking them for any relevant search term.

Moving Forward

If you are ready to take your business’s website to the next level, increase your inbound visitors, relevant leads and ultimately your profits then click the button below and fill out our Discovery form.

We are ready to partner with you in your online success.

Start the Process to First Position Rankings

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