Discovery Application

Discovery Application

We would love to work with every organization that asks for our services; however, the sad reality is, we just can’t. Due to time and resource constraints, we only maintain a select number of companies at any given time to guarantee the appropriate attention is dedicated to each of our clients.

As openings become available, we would love to partner with you for your company’s success.

Because we are focused on our client’s absolute success, we do have strict criteria of who we will work with. We know that a positive and long term relationship brings about the most success for our clients. So there are a few types of businesses we have realized we are unable to provide the quality of results we require of ourselves.

The types of organizations we do not work with are:

  • Get-rich-quick based companies
  • Adult-themed material
  • Most startups

For all other businesses, we have the following criteria in place:

  1. Have an active and healthy business
  2. Regular acquisition of new clients through some form of marketing or advertising
  3. High-quality products or services and a good reputation

That’s it!

If you meet these requirements and would like to speak personally with us about getting your business incredible online results, then we will be happy to dedicate the time to discussing how we can partner with you.

Here’s how to start the process.

First, you’ll fill out the discovery application below. It’s simple and straightforward. It gives us the information we need to evaluate what you want to accomplish. We will take this information and create a custom-tailored plan to grow your business’s revenue based on the same process that’s already generating results.

Once we have your custom growth strategy, we will schedule a time to discuss this with you either on the phone, in person or through an online meeting. You can expect the initial appointment to be between 45 and 60 minutes.

We look forward to hearing from you.

To your business success,
Daniel Downard

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