Jacksonville Florida Beaches

Picture of Jacksonville Beach at sunrise

Historically, Jacksonville has been a long time leisure destination, as people come from all over in order to get plenty of fun in the sun. So whether you want to go on a quality fishing trip, get some rays in the sun, plan a honeymoon getaway or visit a wonderful bed and breakfast, you can do a little bit of it all when you visit Jacksonville. This area is split up into a number of different beaches, so you should do a little bit of research in this regard in order to find the best beach area for you.

Atlantic Beach

This area of the Jacksonville Beach community is located in the Duval County. It is a small, quaint beach town that features about 12,000 residents. You will be able to stop by and enjoy a number of attractions on the boardwalk this is a great area for families even if you are not much of a beach and water person. Or anybody else trying to make the most of a vacation in North Florida.


This is another small and quaint area of the Jacksonville Beach community. It is a huge historic landmark, as it is a naval area and was once a big part of the railroad system in Florida. You will be able to get away from it all out here, as it only features one main road in and one main road out.

Neptune Beach

This is a larger, more touristy area. You will be able to take advantage of a number of districts that feature hotel stays, nightlife, bars and restaurants. People looking for a bit of a faster-paced vacation will want to stop by this area. You will see plenty of people out on the beach tanning and enjoying fun in the sun for a lot of different reasons.

Jacksonville Beach

If you want to visit the main attraction in Jacksonville, this is it. This is the main beach area and the largest that you will find. It is home to every type of attraction that you can think of, including upscale restaurants, dive bars, seafood restaurants and more. Food is a serious attraction in this area, as you will find food trucks all over the area, up and down the beach. You also see a number of people enjoying the beach on their vacations. There are countless opportunities out here for leisure, as there are thousands of hotel rooms and plenty of long-standing resorts in the Jacksonville Beach area.

So with these destinations in mind, make sure that you use this information in order to begin planning your trip to Jacksonville today. This will give you the opportunity to make the absolute most out of your time in Jacksonville, and you will not be disappointed that you did. Look around at the hotels in the area close to the beach so that you have a high-quality place to stay for as long as you are in town enjoying one of these beach areas.