The Need For Search Engine Marketing

One of the main priorities in SEO is to make your site easy to understand for both humans, as well as search engine spiders. Regardless their amazing progress, search engines can’t “read” and comprehend a website to the same extent that humans do. The role of SEO is to help search engines understand out what a web page is about and what purpose it serves.

Once you are clear about the capabilities and shortcomings of a search engine, you can do what it takes to help them understand the content and the intention of your web pages. Without SEO, search engines wouldn’t be able to see and interpret websites the proper way.

Search Engine Technology Limitations

All major search engines are based on the same principles. They all have crawlers that scout the web, discover and track links, and then index the web pages in giant databases. The artificial intelligence able to do this is nothing short of amazing, but the latest search technology has shortcomings that cause problems in ranking and indexing information. Here are a few of the most common ones:

Crawling And Indexing Problems:

  • online forms
  • identical pages
  • code blockages
  • content other than text

Issues With Matching Search Queries To Web Content:

  • rare terms
  • language subtleties
  • location targeting mistakes
  • scrambled contextual signals

You Need To Push Your Content To Be Seen

Doing your SEO the right way is very important, but sometimes it is not enough to secure good visibility for your pages. This is why you have to consider search engine marketing to complement your SEO efforts. and you need an agency specializing in Internet marketing to handle it. Since search engines can’t measure the web content’s quality correctly, they may ignore your pages, despite their high relevance and quality. Search technology can assess various parameters such as what people discover, how they react to these discoveries, what they comment on and what they share. You need to make sure your content is talked about and shared, in order to be assigned the top search positions it deserves.

SEO Changes At A Rapid Pace

Back in the 90s, the basic SEO tactics relied on manual submission, keyword stuffing and highly optimized meta tags. All these worked, so everybody had to use them, in order to rank well. A few years later, the keywords meta tag became obsolete. The new SEO tactic was anchor text link bombing. Marketers bought millions of links, made use of comment spam and created fake user profiles in thousands of forums. Link farms were one of the surefire methods to get good rankings. In 2011 all these came to an end, making room for vertical search formation and marketing on social media . In addition, the most successful tactics of the year 2004 can totally kill your website today from SEO point of view.

The search world is in continuous change. We don’t know what are going to be the best SEO tactics in several years from now. There are marketers who claim search engine optimization is dead. But as a matter of fact, it is alive, but constantly changing. It is up to us to keep pace with this change and use this knowledge to improve the traffic and the visibility of our web properties.