Local SEO

Local Business SEO

Did you know that 80% of your prospects are now using search engines to find businesses in their area? The people making these searches typically need what they are searching for relatively quickly so they are usually already in the buying phase. If you’re not ranking for search terms like, “Your City + Business type” you’re missing out on massive profits. And likely giving this money away to your competition.

Jacksonville Business Search Results Example

Organic Rankings

After researching your business and competition, we get your business’s website ranked for the most profitable keywords.


  • Drastically boost website traffic
  • Generate more leads through your website

Map Listings

With nearly 80% of mobile searches for a local business ending with a purchase, it’s more critical than ever to rank in the Google Maps 3-pack.


  • Over 25% click-through rate
  • Attract purchase-ready prospects

Example of Google Snack Pack Map Listings
Picture of Yahoo and Bing, the two other large search engines.

Other Search Engines

Google by far is “King of the Search”; however, with Bing and Yahoo holding a 32.8% market share, they can’t be ignored.


  • Get #1 rankings in Bing and Yahoo
  • Further increase your traffic over Google alone

Budget Oriented

Compared to traditional methods of marketing and advertising our QuikGrid Local SEO services are a more budget-friendly way to increase traffic to your website -> convert more leads -> close more sales -> maximize your profits.

Maximize Your Entire Online Presence

We don’t stop with your website. By optimizing all of your online properties, we can maximize your online presence. Not only adding extra power to your site but increasing your business’s visibility across dozens of Internet platforms.

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Real first place rankings…

Some of our first place Google rankings